I love my momma to bits but sometimes her advice is seriously lacking. Basically in her opinion if i don’t know what I want to do after uni i should just be a teacher or a psychologist because I need a ‘career’. And it doesn’t matter if that’s not what i want to do I should just do it anyway. Basically i should do something i hate because it makes money and she can tell her friends that her daughter has this big career. Not her most shining parenting moment.


Robert Downey Jr. joins Twitter! His first tweet, looking suave as usual.

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Header, in true RDJ/Tony Stark form.

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He broke the Twitter record, gaining 1M followers in less than 24 hours.

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So basically…

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Even Stan Lee said so.

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BONUS! Nathan Fillion shout out!

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making my way downtown oh my fucking god where am i


#that should not have been as funny as it was

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In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]


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Sometimes I think that we need to look at the Bible in a more historical context, so for example the Old Testament condemned a lot of food, like shrimp, and I take this to be because of poor food hygiene back in those times where food poisoning was a killer. So God was trying to protect us by banning food that would make us sick.

In the same way you can view how homosexual people were treated as a part of the society of that time. Back then infant mortality was high and people didn’t live any where near as long as they do now. The population was expanding and I would guess that God wanted the population to grow and His children to multiply. Being homosexual at that time would have been a serious hindrance to population growth. Particularly for woman, who has no status without a husband, being gay just wouldn’t have worked. Back then the traditional family was pretty much necessary to survival.

But in this day and age these things don’t apply, we can eat seafood because we know how to store and prepare it properly (Jesus revoked the food laws in the NT I believe). In a similar way being homosexual doesn’t matter any more because the population growth is fine with modern medicine and long lives and two men or two women are perfectly able to have a family and be together without issues of women’s rights etc. 

I am in no way trying to change or manipulate or pick and choose parts of the Bible, and I know my examples are a bit crude and un-developed but I am just trying to put across a theme that I see in the Bible. 

P.S If you use the Bible as an excuse to bash homosexual people or any people for that matter you need to re-evaluate your priorities, it is just not acceptable so please stop.


when an animal doesn’t like me it really impacts my self esteem 

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